FODO Ireland works at the highest levels with senior government officials and ministers, regularly engaging in lobbying on behalf of our members to influence Government policy and achieve the best possible outcomes for the optical sector. We aim to ensure legislation and regulations are reasonable and proportionate.

FODO Ireland members are on CORU’s Optical Registration Board and we are an active member of the European Council of Optometry and Optics where we ensure that the Irish voice is heard as part of the discussions on eye care policy and keep members aware of any important developments and trends from across Europe.







FODO Ireland, in partnership with the AOI run the annual Healthy Eye Awareness Week. The campaign seeks to promote the importance of eye health, the need for regular eye exams, and to encourage the people of Ireland to make positive changes to their diet and lifestyle to improve their eye health.

Further information can be found on the healthy eyes campaign page:

And by following the Healthy Eyes campaign on Twitter